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Otherworldly Women, my latest series

My latest painting series started on a solo flight home from Japan last Spring. I was already sad having to leave, as I always am, but I made the sadness so much worse by watching an animated Hiroshima movie. After it finished playing I started sketching what just last week became “the Duchess”. 

She has a Marie Antoinette’s court kind of vibe and is painted with acrylics on a wooden panel. She has a tiny chickadee in her hair to the left. You can still purchase this piece HERE! The minute I began re-creating her on the wooden panel I started to think of other lovely otherworldy ladies I wanted to create in a similar style.

Next up was my Unicorn Fairy Queen. She sold minutes after I listed her on my etsy painting page

I began the original superhero “Chrysanthemum” here while I was still finishing the Unicorn, and I actually rushed so I could devote all of my time to her. I saw her vivid teal hair with neon flowers playing off rich violet and coffee skin tones so clearly in my mind and could not wait to get her realized. I feel, for the first time in a long time that she actually came out even better than I had imagined her. The lace neckline detail is a particular bright spot for me. She is still available for now – click HERE.  

Finally we have the sweet Irish Sheep girl fairy. She came to mind immediately upon the completion of “Chrysanthemum”. I wanted to play with the lace detailing a little more and I really wanted to paint a Ginger with freckles. I JUST finished her today. She is available HERE

I am really loving this painting series and I see them complimenting my creepy skull portraits so well.  I am not quite sure what is next, but I will be creating more. Feel free to share your ideas and/or requests!



I bounce around quite a lot creatively 

She-Ra and Swifwind OriginalPainting

leather fringe  necklace

glittering Brit Ninja, Psylocke 

amethyst druzy necklace 

Magic Monday

Dreary day outside, but bursting with color on the inside!

Two ships in the night – vintage gold, pearl and nautical cameo necklace – available in my EtsyShopI

A new favourite of mine, “the Witching Hour” talisman style gemstone necklace with titanium quartz, coral horn, turquoise and more! AvailableHere!

With this beauty above I brought one of my old illustrations from the beginning of my jewelry making career out of retirement. She was a regular customer of mine on the streets in soho, and she is drawn in my older more graphic style. AvailableNowo.

Glorious sparkling sunstone and sterling chain! GetItNowI

The Purple Paisley Heron! AvailableHere

And finally… “I’ll Tumble For Ya!” Gunmetal and gold geometric beaded necklace. AvailableNow.
Have a pleasant evening everyone!