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This month’s most favorited at Queva Jewelry

The Queen’s Watchdog – Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler Anime inspired hand-painted earrings

flower hurricane – hand-painted Sailor Jupiter earrings

 Ma’am is acceptable in a crunch, but I prefer Captain – hand-painted Captain Janeway Star Trek earrings

Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon hand-painted My Little Pony earrings

By the Honor of Greyskull – She-Ra Princess of Power hand-painted earrings

Little Mermaid and Ursula double sided – Flounder Sebastian Jestsam Flotsam hand-painted charm earrings


So Fresh, So Clean

I Got back into the hiking game today! Elowah and Double Falls were really roaring with the recent rainfall. Updated my Daryl cuff and listed some truly special statment necklaces. Enjoy.  

StormyWeather – aquamarine, turquoise, apatite, amazonite 


Elowah Falls


Jupiter&Danae – coins and jasper!

DancingAtMidnight – amethyst 

TheCountess – aventurine and pearl

upper McCord Creek “double” Falls

Truly Outrageous: spotlight on Jem! 

These might just indicate how obsessed I am…and also why I’m so scared to watch the new feature film that seems quite a departure from the cherished memories. Keep this alive with THESE offerings from my shop. And this weekend take 40% off everything JEM with the code SURPRISE40