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Robots, Guns, #SailorMoon, Psylocke and a return to a favorite spot, 3/7/16

It Was quite the Monday, yet again. Here’s a little sample: 

I made these little delights for my etsy shop. Robot earrings, copper, agate, and gears $32

A favorite zen spot in the winter, a swimming hole in the summer. I’m gonna keep this photo on photo thing going.

Made this too! Vintage revolver pendant, brass and enamel $36    
Updated this glorious listing: Square Sailor Moon on wood, in my style. $80 


And I’m Always, Always tempting fate, even just a little bit.

My “Psionic Butterfly” – Psylocke on wood  a favourite X-Man, a favorite insect – $70

Have a wonderful day.


This month’s most favorited at Queva Jewelry

The Queen’s Watchdog – Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler Anime inspired hand-painted earrings

flower hurricane – hand-painted Sailor Jupiter earrings

 Ma’am is acceptable in a crunch, but I prefer Captain – hand-painted Captain Janeway Star Trek earrings

Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon hand-painted My Little Pony earrings

By the Honor of Greyskull – She-Ra Princess of Power hand-painted earrings

Little Mermaid and Ursula double sided – Flounder Sebastian Jestsam Flotsam hand-painted charm earrings

A Little Friday Geekery 

Had a wonderfully creative and all-together geeky Sunday creating pieces from my favourite comics, anime and childhood movies. Not a bad way to spend Mother’s Day when mine is so very far away from me.

First up is my latest acrylic painting on found slate. This one depicts everyone’s toe favourite Gelflings, Jen and Kira. Just listed and available HERE.

Next up, the anime! I’ve been watching nothing but anime when I have the time. My absolute favorite is the Fate Stay Night series, but I also adore Tokyo Ghoul, Seraph of the End, Sword Art Online and Death Parade!

These double sided hand-painted Death Parade earrings depict my Favourites from the series and you can feast your eyes on them HERE

And of course, you can’t talk about anime without giving mention to Sailor Moon. One of the tragic stories within the series is that of Sailor Pluto, forever guarding space and time isolated and truly alone. Heart breaking. 

She is available HERE

I have more in the works, but it’s time for me to sign off and watch some more Sword Art Online.