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A life in Pictures and Creations

“L’il Lard Butt” – acrylic on wood, 4″x6″ (purchase)

Hearts on Fire – vintage neon crystal and gold heart pendant, only $22! (Buy)

Supes and Batty in Love (GetItGetIt)

protect Yourself with this labradorite and turquoise gemstone bracelet (PurchaseMe)

star emotions – hand-painted Wonder Woman and Superman star-shaped earrings (GrabEm)

Warrior Queen Rising / fine brass amazonite gemstone necklace (acquire)


The SENSATIONAL She-Hulk! Hand-painted earrings (Purchase)

Behind the Veil – Tamanawas Falls 
The Horsemen’s Heart – silver and turquoise statement necklace (Purchase)

earth and sea / brass and gold Larimar gemstone shield charm earrings, true beauties (Purchase)

The gorge, looking east from Vista House – a must-stop when friends are in town. 



Uplifted by friends, inspired by past works

My favorite creation from today is the ‘Vampire Killer.’ This piece is made with vintage silver and gold plated chains and filled with found rosary crosses and miraculous medals. Two of the medals in this piece are notable because they were acquired by a dear friend when she visited Paris recently. The note she sent with the two medals made me tear up quite a bit as I was overwhelmed with her good intentions. I’ve attached a photo of the note along with some images of the glorious VAMPIRE KILLER. The shortest layer of the necklace measures 16 inches and the longest is 19. It closes with a large, easy to use toggle clasp and is available on my etsypage.




Happens to be that time again

This is the weekend you’ve been waiting for. The half off sale is back and the shops are stocked full of fresh new beauties as I managed to have my most productive week so far this year. I’ll also be adding some fresh new earrings as this lovely Friday moseys along. The coupon code thewind is active in both of my etsy shops, so feel free to take a gander and treat yourself to some fall magic.