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A little on “negativity”

I have been told my whole life that I am negative. My parents spoke to me with biting sarcasm and wit from a very young age and it set right in. I experienced a great deal of death and loss early on in my life and was a victim of my father’s abuse and neglect. I can’t say that I feel this caused my negativity. In fact, many pictures of me before the real hard times came show a boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders, a sad or troubled look upon my face. I cannot say why. I do know that it hurt whenever a person would call me out on my “negative” attitude and it still does today.

Turn Dark to Light with this glorious labradorite piece.

I feel that many of those people who shout so loudly about staying positive and upbeat are the first people who drop the friendship ball, who are so self-absorbed or wrapped up in their world of make believe that they don’t notice the trail of former friends they have behind them. 

To all things, there Must be balance. Citrine and Amethyst.

I try every day to find the good, to not be so harsh and judgemental, to not call so much attention to annoyances or dark things, but I often fail. I typically think that my responses are funny and know that many times they are not received that way. I and those closest to me know the real me, know what’s under all the layers of hurt, fear, insecurity and frustration. I hope to one day shine that light inside me outward and I hope that in my future enlightened state I don’t judge those around me who aren’t quite there yet, because when one does that – they show just how unevolved they truly are.

Free your heart from hatred.” That’s what I feel I will always be working on. And that’s ok. As long as I’m working on it. That’s what being human is all about. 


Apep, Egyptian Lord of Chaos

Apep, the Egtptian Lord of Chaos was thought to be Ra’s greatest foe. The snake god was so large that he tried to swallow the sun every day. I think when you wear this you might feel that grand as well. 

  1. Vintage ethically sourced mixed metal chain bib (gold, brass and gunmetal) 
  2. Adjustable from 17-19 inches in length
  3. Brass coiled snake charm with red and black rhinestone accents at the center 

This truly special, one-of-a-kind beauty is available now ONLINE

Earring inspiration Hits after a day in crystal blue waters 

Yesterday I escaped the oppressive summertime heat of Portland with a trip to a favourite spot of mine. This time, though we took the shorter, but more labor-intensive route of hiking straight up the river. Along the way my friend and I found some truly magical spots and I was able to swim and surround myself in crystal blue, sparkling clean waters. We hiked as far as we could and had to find the trail to get back to the car. Sadly, this took us straight up a steep cliff. We made it, but today I’m beaten, scratched and bruised and……happy beyond belief.

Feeling so recharged and refreshed does indeed inspire one, so late last night I was able to create these three beauties! 

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