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The Honour of Grayskull – hand-painted She-Ra earrings

I have been on Hulu watching old episodes of She-Ra all week and loving it. I thought I would put a little collage of my favorite pairs of hand-painted She-Ra and friends in Honour of my renewed love for a favorite childhood show. Most of these little wearable art items can be found on the QuevaJewelryEtsyPage.



EtsyCouponCode – The Largest online Etsy coupons database.

EtsyCouponCode – The Largest online Etsy coupons database..



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Back in the Swing of Things (Loving Online)

I’m really feeling the love for Etsy this spring. Though I never hear from them like I do some of my other online platforms, I have been with them for years and my sales are finally inching me away from having to wholesale at all. Which is fantastic as keeping up with stores all over the country is a huge pain in my behind. If you are new to the world of Zachary Pryor go ahead and take a second to peek at my etsy shop at your leisure. And take advantage of a little ‘friend’ discount with coupon code: KYRALEIGH  – It will get you 15% off.

I made a little photo collage of my favorite and newest items available now calling upon my graphic design background. Thought it looked *smart so here it is:

ImageSome other important links:

Official Site (update coming in three weeks!)

Copious Site

Threadflip Closet

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