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Love for Yuri on Ice in Ikebukuro 

Inside a children’s theme park in Ikebukuro  (Namja Town) I found joy in themed foods based on a beloved anime series, Yuri on Ice. The series follows a small group of male figure skaters and their journey towards greatness. The series means a lot to me personally because of the two main characters (Yuri and Victor) and their relationship. Mitsurō Kubo, (the writer and artist) never really says “they’re gay”, never makes it a talking point in the show, and doesn’t have their sexuality defining them. This is refreshing because it certainly is not the norm in movies and television AND because I am not used to seeing such a positive portrayal of such a character, or any portrayals at all in many of my favorite shows. 

Suffice to say, eating the themed food today had me and my friend freaking out just a bit. 

Here are some highlights:

Katsudon Peroshki, one of the featured foods on the show. Yurio’s grandfather makes them to share with Yuri as his inner fat boy craves pork cutlet bowls.

Maccachin crepe! (Victor’s doggy)

Yuri on Ice, born to Make History. This tasted rough. 

Katsuki Yuri was yummy though,  as one would expect of him. 

Otabek is my best boy/favourite.

You too can enjoy these foods and some cat themed Yuri on Ice merch if you cruise over here by early May!